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Summer 2016 Edition

Garden Reflections

As I finally inspected my own summer fruit crop and realized that I needed to spend some time in my garden, I decided that this article would be about garden reflections. Now just what does that mean? It does not mean that we list our regrets about what is doing poorly or what we could have done better in the garden this year. It means that we take the time to really look in on our garden and see what looks back at us.

It is about admiring the strength of our mature trees and delighting in the delicate show of our seasonal flowers and maybe even relaxing into the space a bit. It is looking at it just the way it is and appreciating the land that we live with. Accepting that this is where we are today.

I have been asked by other landscape design professionals for advice on how to keep “fresh”. How to keep inspired in the business of design. I think the answer is simply to get outside and get dirty in one’s own garden. If I feel the soil and the water and the sun that the plants feel, I connect on a deeper level. It is real – not just a creative theory.

It is always special to visit incredible gardens. We travel to near and far away places to experience garden design at the highest form of execution. I always wonder, “Who takes care of all this?” They must employ an army of trained horticulturists to keep the grounds so beautiful.

It is quite a different thing, however, to walk out our own door to experience our garden, the garden that we live with. We smell the fragrances, see the colors blending together, feel the sun beating on the earth and the breeze ruffling through the leaves, hear the bees buzzing about on their own secret mission and taste the various fruits and vegetables that are ready to eat. This is reflection.

Enjoy your summer! Enjoy your garden!

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