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As a garden designer, I take great pleasure achieving an integrated environment that will enrich all who come to enjoy it.

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Part 4 – The Practical Design

Most everyone agrees that tending the garden is therapeutic, good for the soul. It is until it isn’t. Constantly working in the garden and rarely sitting still to enjoy it changes things. Now it is no longer fun, but work. Design a garden that is functional as well as practical. Don’t pack too much into it.

The maintenance of a garden requires a balance between our vision of the ideal garden, and the amount of time and energy we are able and willing to give. Garden design is an art. We create moods with color, form and texture. We use all kinds of things like paving, water features, trees, shrubs, pottery, sculpture, fireplaces, outdoor furniture and screens.

A garden can be a place to celebrate one’s heritage or favorite vacation spot. A tropical paradise of eternal spring, a desert oasis of native plants with its bold, vibrant beauty, the graceful features of an Oriental garden, or the lure of the woodland with evergreens and deciduous trees all are expressive backdrops for our varied natures. Our gardens are a dynamic framework that will develop their own characteristic expression with each season.

A well-designed, successful garden enhances the home, is cohesive and interesting to look at, and serves the family as an “outdoor living room.” And, like any of the other rooms in your home, requires some regular maintenance. Initially more care is needed while plants are becoming established and special features are adjusted. And, of course, each season will present its own list of things to do.

We can employ a landscape maintenance company for the basic work a garden requires but we will still have to invest some of our own time. It is important to know how much of that time we consider enjoyable.

A professional landscape designer is experienced in guiding you to discover the style and detail of the garden that will be right for you and your home. They will help you to avoid making the mistake of over-designing. Too much is just too much. Simplify your wants and needs. You will be glad you did.

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