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As a garden designer, I take great pleasure achieving an integrated environment that will enrich all who come to enjoy it.

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- Marilyn Guidroz


Part 1 – Garden Therapy

Imagine the feeling. The shadows are lengthening and the light takes on a softer glow, the stress and hurry of the day starts to drop off and we seek out a moment to unwind, retreat.

The transition from a busy demanding outside world to our busy demanding home activities takes on a significant tone. We all too easily find ourselves jumping immediately from the pressures of work, tight schedules and traffic; to the various pressures and concerns we all face at home.

We know that moving right into the next thing without a break can leave us spent, irritable and unhealthy in many respects. Today we can choose to do things differently. Today we can take the opportunity to care for ourselves.

Spending just a few minutes alone in our personal outdoor haven can help us to let it all go — even if only for a moment. There we recharge and renew; close our eyes and breathe in the fragrances of the flowers. And we hear the skittering and chirping of the birds who also find safety and peace in our secret garden. They, like us, are irresistibly drawn to our garden sanctuary.

Communing with nature in our own private garden brings comfort. It is also a place to share with others. Sharing quality time in a beautiful environment is a gift from the heart. It is something to cherish.

The world is loud and demanding of our attention, and we are, after all, simple creatures at heart. In our gardens we find what is missing in the tumultuous hubbub of modern life: A safe, peaceful, quiet place to just sit and enjoy. A place to reconnect, reflect and relax; calming and soothing to our senses and, especially, healing to our spirit.

A garden reflects a soul. It is expressive and ever changing. It is alive and dynamic. It invites wildlife in and is in harmony with the climate and the season. It has a spirit of its own.

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